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I'm Ellen. I'm a theatre artist based in Chicago. Originally from Boise, ID, I came to the midwest to pursue my MFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University. Upon graduating, I stayed because the Chicago theatre community is just unreal (in the best way).


I live for storytelling. I mean (okay, a little dramatic), but like so many other artists I talk to, if there was anything else we could see ourselves doing, we'd be doing it, right?

I love how stories make space for human connection. They start conversations. They foster empathy. Stories are really two sides of the same coin. Some elements of a story can be an affirmation to our own experiences, lending language to feelings and situations that defy words in everyday life. Other elements of that same story ask us to pause our preconceptions and view life through a lens we, perhaps, have never considered. Good storytelling asks questions, and invites us to offer an answer.

While acting is my focus, I love collaborating in all theatrical capacities. I'm particularly passionate about education and outreach. And keeping curious about our responsibility as artists. I think it's important that we constantly ask: how is our art serving our community?


Really, any opportunity to help theatre thrive -- be it marketing, house managing, fundraising, etc -- count me in.

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The Venetians, a new play by Matt Barbot

Directed by Edward Torres

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Oak Park Festival Theatre & Kane Repertory Theatre

May 8 - 16, 2021